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Amanda Parker

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John Wilson
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Prof. Marj Corcorran
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Prof. L. Pinsky

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Rice University
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Summer 2005 Houston Quarknet Workshop

Catalog of Web Activites

Physics review and introduction to the Hypertextbook




Great Experiments in Physics

Special Relativity - the mass-energy relationships


Particle Physics

Search for the Building Blocks exhibit - a very well-illustrated story of the work done at FermiLab

High energy physics made painless - for those who don't have a PhD in reading technical papers

Particle Adventure - Your guide to the Standard Model

Projects and Activites

Particle fireworks - build your own hadron and diagram the interactions

Bubble chamber projects

BaBar teaching page

Xray Spectra

FermiLabyrinth - play the particle games!

Teacher Resources

QuarkNet Educational Resources

FermiLab Education Office Teachers Resource Center

Educational outreach at CERN

Teachers Resource at BNL

Berkeley Labs Educational Outreach

SLAC Virtual Visitor's Center

Easy Reading

Nobel Prize in Physics - collected biographies of the laureates and their speches. What percentage of the physics prizes have been awarded for particle physics research?


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UH Program Coord.: John Wilson: John.Wilson@mail.uh.edu

UH Outreach Webpage Designer: Amanda Parker.: arparker2@uh.edu

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