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Program for High School Physics Teachers

Daniel Friedman, Mark Kinsey, and Ranjan Narasiman participated in active research with Dr. Marjorie Corcoran, Rice University, Dr. Ed Hungerford, University of Houston, and Dr. Wei-Kan Chu, Texas Center for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials. Thier work investigated detector construction for the rare symmetry violation project at Brookhaven National Laboratory, ion beam analysis of matter, and atmospheric cosmic particles. Chris Behrens particpated in computer studies at CERN in Switzerland. In addition, Daniel, Mark, and Ranjana, accompanied by John Wilson, participated in the traditional week long particle physics boot camp at Fermi National Laboratory.

These lead teachers, along with Drs. Corcoran, Miller, Seuss, and Wilson organized ongoing educational outreach among Rice University and The University of Houston and area high schools for the the 2004-05 academic year. High school students and their teachers particpate in Saturday Physics covering a variety of areas including particle, atomic and molecular, ion beam, and cosmic physics. Bot universities actively pursue research in cutting edge physics, much of which addressess major physical of philosophical questions for the formation of the world in which we live.

Rice University and The University of Houston will host a 2-week workshop in summer of 2005 for 24 area teachers. The 2-week workshop will divide to two weeks in the summer. The workshop provides a teacher stipend of $60 per day for a six hour day or $300 per week. Other opportunites exist for teachers going forward inculidng workshops, professional development, as well as the NSF funded Research Experiences for Teachers.

Teachers choose projects that fit their and their student's interests. Projects cover four areas: mechanical construction, electronics, software/web development, and data analysis. In addition, teachers may participate in a wide variety of research topics. Opportunities exist for research activities outside Houston in one of the national labs such as Fermilab, Brookhaven, or the European laboratory CERN. All teacher travel and living expenses incurred for projects outside Houston are paid by Quarknet.

We are no longer taking applications for the 2005 summer. Thank you.

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Rice Faculty Coord.: Prof. Marj Corcorran: corcoran@physics.rice.edu

UH Faculty Coord.: Prof. L. Pinsky: pinsky@uh.edu

UH Program Coord. John Wilson: John.Wilson@mail.uh.edu

UH Outreach Webpage Designer: Amanda Parker.: arparker2@uh.edu

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